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Less is More is a proverb in Soo Bahk Do philosophy (Chul Hak) that goes deep. Would you rather eat a sumptuous 7 course meal in a billionaire’s home, or would you accept a bowl of rice in a poor family’s hut, where you know the family will not eat that day because you visited? Clearly the latter is the better choice, and has more meaning for the visitor and the host. View our trailer video for more.

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Martinov Five Principles

I had the distinct honor and privilege to act as one of two Regional Examiners for Region 9 between 2006- 2012. With Mahony SBN, we developed teaching concepts that were important for the…
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What is Edelweiss?

Where does the term ‘Edelweiss’ come from? In German, it means ‘noble white’, which refers to the white Do Bok (uniform) as worn during the Ko Ku Ryu Dynasty more than 2000 years ago.
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