Little Masters

Soo Bahk!

I Will……..

S….Set the recipe for straight ‘A’’s daily:

When I come home from school, I will drink water or juice to refresh.
I will sit down to do my homework
I will preview what I will study tomorrow in school.

O….Organize my clothes, my room and my house where I live, so I can function without clutter.

O….Own my health:

Keep my body, hair, teeth, nails and ears clean.
Wash my hands before all meals and after using the toilet.
Never put foreign objects into my mouth.

B….Breath fresh air:

Breath through the nose, not the mouth.
Play outside whenever possible.
Sleep with a window open.

A….Always have good manners:

Sit upright at home or at school.
Never spit on the ground.
Say ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ to all adults responsible for me when coming or going.
Not use offensive words.
Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when asking for things.
Not interrupt adult conversations.
Say only good things about other people.

H….Help others whenever possible.

K….Keep aware of danger!

Walk on familiar ground.
Use lit streets instead of alleys.
Look both ways when crossing a street, no matter what the light says.
Do not talk to strangers.